Despot pots. Political character rattles handbuilt in white earthenware clay and finished with underglaze colors. These small musical rattles tinkle out bright tones when shaken in answer to the dark deeds of those they personify.  One of a kind, collectible, and certain to be conversation starters.  17cm x 11cm


Kim Jong-un 3rd in his family line to serve as Supreme Leader of North Korea after his father and grandfather. While the newest family member to rule North Korea, Kim Jong-Un has already established  a record of ruling with an iron fist including executions of challengers. Allegedly murdering his unlce and his entire family including children in order to wipe out his line.  Human rights violations though appear to be Kim Jong-Un's real specialty and where he has taken up where his Father and Grandfather left off. The UN High Commissionor on Human Rights has said that the situation has not improved. 

Find plenty of information right here that will make you shake like a rattle yourself: 

Political Shaker: Kim Jong-Un

  • Wipe gently wth a damp soft cloth.

Handcrafted Ceramic Art