Despot pots. Political character rattles handbuilt in white earthenware clay and finished with underglaze colors. These small musical rattles tinkle out bright tones when shaken in answer to the dark deeds of those they personify. One of a kind, collectible, and certain to be conversation starters. 16.5cm x 11.5 cm


President Donald J. Trump. Does he classiefy as a despot or just a pathetic opportuntistic tool of Vladimir Putin's?  Well not really because well Congress but using your power in a cruel way is right up his alley. The list of examples is pretty long: demonizing whole populations of Americans, racist travel bans, marginalizing the press and all other descenters,  ignoring Puerto Rico's hurricane damage, children in cages, reckless, incessant, inacrruate, and sometimes dangerous tweeting, and finally 170,000 plus deaths from the ignored Covid 19 pandemic.   He may not be a despot yet but he sure wants to be.  


Find plenty of information right here that will make you shake like a rattle yourself:

Political Shaker: President Donald J. Trump

  • Wipe gently wth a damp soft cloth.

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