Despot pots. Political character rattles handbuilt in white earthenware clay and finished with underglaze colors. These small musical rattles tinkle out bright tones when shaken in answer to the dark deeds of those they personify.  One of a kind, collectible, and certain to be conversation starters. 16.5 cm x 11.4cm


Vladimir Putin rose from KGB Intelligence Officer to the President of Russia by saavy political moves and 'removing' his competition. Actually, its hard to prove anything on Vladimir.  Even when human rights activist and opposition journalist, Anna Politkovskaya was shot to death on his birthday the death couldn't stick to him.  Consequently Vladimir was easily elected to his 4th term and he was Vlad free to undermine the democratic process of long time enemy, the USA.   


Find plenty of information right here that will make you shake like a rattle yourself:

Political Shaker: Vladimir Putin

  • Wipe gently wth a damp soft cloth.

Handcrafted Ceramic Art